Creating a New Site

  • The RefBytes Platform Manager configures and deploys either Omeka or Omeka S to get you up and running faster. The deployment includes the following steps: 

  • Database is created
  • The new site is created on the server with a temporary URL
  • SSL certificate is installed
  • Omeka or Omeka S is deployed with Imagick and email settings
  • Initial setup is performed and a new admin user is created
  • The new site is configured to use object storage
  • Daily backups are scheduled  


Navigate to the Sites menu


Click on the "New site" button


Choose a platform to install on your new site


Name your new site

This name will be used to set up the site initially but can be changed in the platform interface.


Provide an Admin username/email

This email address will be used to create an admin account on the platform with an automatically generated password. Once the site is ready, users can perform a password reset if desired.

The default will be your email address but can be modified to make other users the site admin.